About Wunan

Aboriginal people succeeding through ability, opportunity and reward for effort


“Wunan’s purpose is to ensure that Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley enjoy the capabilities and opportunities necessary to make positive choices that lead to independent and fulfilling lives. Essentially, to have dreams and a real chance of achieving them.”

Ian Trust, Founder & Executive Chairman, Wunan Foundation

The East Kimberley enjoys burgeoning social and economic opportunities, but the challenges and barriers faced by Aboriginal people in sharing the benefits are daunting — particularly for children and young people.

Wunan is focused on using education, employment, housing and social reform to strengthen the capabilities of Aboriginal people and their families in the East Kimberley to unlock these choices and opportunities.

Its vision is to shift the current dependence on welfare from 80 per cent to 20 per cent over the next 20 years. Our strategy for change is underpinned by principles of independence and responsibility, choice and opportunity, and reward for effort.


Key objectives

Today, a key objective for Wunan is to shift the balance of dependence of Aboriginal people on welfare from 80% to 20% over 20 years. This objective is based on a clear guiding philosophy that Aboriginal success grows from investing in people's ability, real opportunity, and reward for effort. We facilitate long term and sustainable change by focussing on our strategic priorities:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Accommodation & Housing
  • Living Change
  • Foundations

Looking to the future

As an organisation we are working hard to gather a coalition of support to advocate and lobby for changes to welfare. We see that there is an urgent need to change attitudes and inspire not only Aboriginal people, but Government also.

Visit www.wunan.org.au